Programme creator, researcher, editorial | 2017

design*lab | designasterisklab.wixsite.com/prototype

Micro manufacturing, small handicraft workshops, design-making studios, high-end technological hubs flourished recent years, yet the histories and know-how of Hong Kong and PRC small industries still remained untold or hidden from the public eyes. Micro factory, is a research and design platform, which meant to share what we rediscover, what we’ve learnt and how designer’s experience of everyday life may interact with small-scale industrial wisdom in Hong Kong and PRC regions.

To start with identifying “specimens”/design archetypes of every object, we will conduct in-depth interviews with manufacturers/craftsmanship/scientists/collectors from Hong Kong and PRC region. The collected design stories and know-how will later share with participating local young designers/ makers, to co-develop new sets of desirable objects for exhibitions.

About design*lab 
An independent design research and production laboratory, specialised in interdisciplinary creativity between design knowledge and everyday life experiences. We explore, re-discover, and response to questions on how the role and practice of design expertise, from Hong Kong and nearby Asian regions today, could move beyond its perceived perimeters.

The founding members are design editor/journalist Ire Tsui and multidisciplinary designers Rony Chan and Michael Leung.